The Andes, making eyes at mountains

So the drive between Mendoza and Santiago was so beautiful I got very snap happy. It was also a miracle I was absorbed looking at the scenery as the road is very winding. The section just across the border into Chile is actually nicknamed ‘The Snail’. I was listening to the beautiful music of Brian Eno which goes with the scenery perfectly. We were quite lucky as the border had been closed for three and a half days before we crossed due to the snow. We had a really sunny day the day before we left which I reckon must have melted a fair bit.

This is really just a photo post, enjoy.
The route is lined by beautiful poplar trees, which I love. The yellow and green of the leaves is stunning.

The train line crossing the photo doesn’t actually run anymore.

A stripy mountain!

Snow caps are getting closer.

Stripey rocks and snow, double whammy!

More snow and rocks…

The mountains are getting bigger.

A ‘garden for relaxation and contemplation’

I just liked this funny little building!

Phwoar, check out these rocks…

Getting properly snowly now.

Or not…

Random house!

Along the valleys only the cold side of the mountains are actually covered in snow.

Looking up the valley.

The Argentinian side of the border.

View at the border!

Bienvenido Chile.

Chile, looking down ‘The Snail’.

Looking back towards Argentina.

Ski lifts!

Fancy a spot of skiing?

Looking back across ‘The Snail’…
I survived! The view at the bottom of ‘The Snail’.

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