Are you ready for the next episode…

As of today it is officially 30 days until my 30th birthday… 29 days left of being 29 and counting guys!

Therefore I thought it would be the perfect time to launch both my swanky new website and blog! Huzzah! As a huge luddite I have wrangled with the apparently simple world of WordPress and here we go… I hope you like it.

So why have I bothered to do this and why on earth would you be interested? Good question… So here we go… Are you waiting on tenterhooks with baited breath?

People who read my travel blog from earlier in the year or who are subjected to updates on my life (lucky sods) will know that 2014 has been something of an amazing year so far.
In fact, this year I started my new year off refusing to make any resolutions whatsoever and named 2014 instead to be THE YEAR OF BIG THINGS!
The idea wasn’t that things would be better or worse, just big and brave.
The result has been singularly the best year of my life.

You can actually check out my South America trip blog on this website now – under the Travel section , as I got all technical and shizzle and have migrated my old blog over here.

In order to keep up this momentum for the next year I have decided to take on a monumental challenge… which is why I have started this website and why you should be interested… (be patient answers will shortly be forthcoming)…

There are a whole lot of lists abounding on the internet of the 30 things/achievements/things you should know/do/be able to do etc etc etc (you get the idea yet?) before you turn 30.
I appear to have rather missed the boat on this one and therefore am taking the inspiration behind this and intend on completing a similar feat this year instead. The 30 at 30 challenge!!!

The idea is to complete 30 challenges, actions, activities or achievements during the year that I am 30 years of age. They can be small or large, take an hour, a day or even continue all year. They can be physical, mental or even crafty.

I will then be blogging about the experience – how exciting!

Still, I hear you ask – why should you be interested in what I might be getting up to…

Well firstly because you are obviously interested enough in my life to still be reading this far down into this long-winded explanation. Secondly because you, the readers, get to nominate what you think I should get up to in the next year!

Of my list of 30 items I am looking to come up with half myself and for the other half to be based on suggestions from others– so get thinking guys!

You can make suggestions either by leaving a comment below, contacting me via the Contacts tab, messaging me on Facebook or even by contacting me directly (if you’re honoured enough to know how).

So get cracking people as you only have 30 days and counting…
Only the best will make the grade!

The results will be published on the big day itself, I hope to see you then.

Until next time, R x

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6 Responses to Are you ready for the next episode…

  1. Esther says:

    I’ll start you off with something nice and easy then 🙂
    Brisbane Kokoda challenge, 30km hike in the D’Aguilar Range with all it’s snakes and leeches and big mean hills


  2. Nicky says:

    A personal one. Our Grandma and Grandad gave so much to their family and country. Your challenge is in memory of Grandma. An amazing woman who joined the WAF during WW2. She told me stories of her being taken up in fighter planes during her time in the WAF (usually because some pilot was trying to chat her up). So your challenge is to take a flight in a Spitfire! Nicky x


  3. Dad says:

    How about hiking part of the Larapinta Trail along the West MacDonnell Ranges? It’s 223 km and takes about 15 days if you want to do it all but needs food drops before you start so probably best to do a few sections.


  4. Dad says:

    ………… or there’s plenty of other similar challenges.


  5. Dad says:

    Visit the Jenolan caves, ride the Gan, cross the Nulaboor Plain by train, spend a couple of days at Cooper Pedy, take a driving and walking tour of the Flinders Ranges, see Uluru at sunset and sunrise. I think that’s enough from me.


  6. Anna says:

    Hello Robyn and HAPPY 30th birthday!!!!
    Ok – I’ve got some challenges for you:

    Teach an old dog new tricks (you can take this as literally or as figuratively as you like)
    Run a marathon (I’m doing this too – we can compare notes!)
    Correctly memorise the order of a pack of cards in one hour
    Do that thing that Derren Brown does where he goes to the horse races and says “THIS IS THE WINNING TICKET” really intensely, and they believe him

    Good luck xx


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