The List…

So it’s the big day and the list is here…

It’s a bit of a random collection, but should make for an interesting year at least! Not all suggestions made the cut as most of them were sports related! Frankly my physical fitness (and my mangled knees) is just not up to the challenge people seem to think it is!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the list and to those who’ve made my birthday so special. Nothing says turning 30 like a kids party at a giant trampoline centre complete with stripey party hats, ice cream cake and followed up with a giant flashing badge!

If you see something you fancy joining in with give me a shout, although I may attempt to just rope you in anyway…

So here we go, in no particular order:

  1. Complete a fun run of 10 kilometers or more… (but let’s get real for a minute here and accept it will likely only be 10)
  2. Learn to make Jam or Pickle (because a girl can never have enough condiments)
  3. Visit a new place in Australia (I have been to shockingly little of the country I now call home)
  4. See a new musical act/group live (likely to be pretty easy given I already have tickets to 2 music festivals booked for 2015)
  5. See a family member… (harder than it sounds when your immediate family live on the opposite side of the world and your closest extended family member is both a 4 hour flight away and has just been accepted to spend 2015 studying abroad…)
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon (this is a major bucket list item of mine, handily they do this around wine country…)
  7. Find something or someone in my life to be thankful for every month (because mindfulness = a happy soul)
  8. Volunteer (I’ve

    been pretty keen to get involved in a voluntary project again; however, this is really dependent on getting my new visa and I am not currently allowed to do this otherwise!)

  9. Go Vegetarian for a month (I did this for 6 years once, so it shouldn’t be too hard)
  10. Sky Dive (eeeek, for someone with vertigo this will be interesting!)
  11. Do the Storey Bridge Climb (same response as No.10…)
  12. Get up early every day for a whole month i.e. by 7am (OMG this is going to be horrendous! I am so not an early bird)
  13. Find an inspirational quote each month and see how it applies to the next 30 days… 
  14. Try a new recipe every month (Om Nom Nom… any guinea pigs volunteering to try my wares…?)
  15. Kayak down the Brisbane River (keeping an eye out for Bull Sharks)
  16. Feed the dolphins at Tangalooma Reef
  17. Read 3 new books – one of which has to be non-fiction. (Any suggestions??)
  18. Eat 3 Green things a day for a month, specifically 3 different green things not 3 items of the same green thing… 
  19. No lights no lycra (aka dancing in the dark like a loon – as if I needed the excuse!)
  20. Learn enough of a foreign language to ask for two beers, where the toilets are and give taxi directions (left, right, stop here etc…)
  21. Make something out of metal… (I’m not quite sure how this one is going to work out but I reckon it will be interesting)
  22. Kokoda challenge – not the crazy 97km version, the far more achievable 30km version in Brisbane
  23. Walk the Larapinta Trail, a hike in central Australia through beautiful scenery
  24. Watch the sunrise/sunset over Uluru 
  25. Take a surfing lesson (much hilarity will ensue)
  26. Assist with Turtle hatching in Bundaberg
  27. Wear only 10 items from my wardrobe for a month (note this does not include underwear…)
  28. Finish all my craft projects that are partially done (this may be 1 challenge too far…)
  29. Grow something and eat it 
  30. 1 item to be decided in 6 months time… to allow for new exciting things to develop/come up in the meantime!


  • Shave my head (Deeply deeply no…)
  • Take a painting or ballroom dancing class (Just not even feeling the comedy value of this right now…)
  • Go on 30 dates with 30 blokes (Pretty sure someone might not be too happy about me doing this one…)
  • Flight in a Spitfire – So I did actually look into this one. There are 2 operational WW2 Spitfires in Australia, but neither of which are available for pleasure flights for insurance reasons.
  • Complete a Triathalon – Whilst this would be very impressive I think this is a step too far for me and therefore my physical challenges will remain running and walking based only… I would however, like to compete in a group triathalon doing the run leg… maybe you’ll see me at Noosa Nov ’15!
  • Ride the Ghan (Too expensive, but this is on my bucket list)
  • Cross the Nullaboor, stay at Cooper Pedy, tour the Flinders Ranges (Again all on the bucket list, but this is looking at a pretty expensive holiday…)
  • Visit the Jenolan Caves – The Jenolan caves, for those who don’t know, are located in the Blue Mountains. This is a stunning area west of Sydney (I actually visited the Blue Mountains in November of 2013 and therefore will leave this one for in a few years time, another one to add to the bigger bucket list)
  • Run a marathon (seriously people have you seen me run, it’s like the zombie apocalypse)
  • Teach an old dog a new trick (I think I am going to hold this in reserve for item 30…)
  • Plus others that were too silly/expensive etc or too similar to those I already have…
Woo bring it on 30!!! If 30 is even half as good as 29 it’s going to be an amazing year 🙂
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