January Inspirations

So it may seem like I have been slightly slack this month… 2015 has been pretty crazily busy so far and I can’t believe we’re already a month down – scary!!

So what has got me going this month….

This month’s quote comes to you from an unknown source, I think it’s a message we all need to be aware of and not only at work…

This month I am extremely thankful for my car insurance company Youi!

This might sound like a slightly odd choice, however I was involved in a prang last week, which rather put a damper on my Australia Day! Having comprehensive insurance and staff that have been extremely helpful so far have made a stressful experience far easier than I had thought it would be… 

My poor little car is off to the assessors on Monday, fingers crossed it’ll be straight forward to fix, as it’s looking a bit sorry for itself right now! It was also the first time I’ve been invoked in anything close to an accident so I was a bit shaken afterwards, but hopefully it will be resolved soon!

I shudder to think that I had almost stepped down my level of cover last year!

This month I tried baking a lovely fresh fruit tart, courtesy of a recipe from Elle Magazine.

I’m hoping that by copying a photo of the page I’m not doing anything wrong, copyright wise, so this is really done in best faith… The edition is no longer on sale so hopefully it should be ok? 

 It looked so pretty and fresh that I decided to try it as my contribution for Australia Day – although most of it is now in my freezer post-car accident scenario messing up my day!

I decided to use Apricots, one of my favorite fruits and blueberries. I really love stone fruits. Some of my favorite memories of the house I grew up in are of the time of year when the damson plum trees in our garden were covered in sweet fruit… And then filling shopping bags full of fruit to be stewed. Stewed fruit is one of a favorite home comfort foods.

It was a super quick and easy recipie to follow, great for beginners. It was also great to be baking again, as I’ve not been cooking a lot recently. It was also the perfect opportunity to dust off the trusty KitchenAid!

My KitchenAid is one of my favourite possessions and really meant a lot to me when I bought it, as it was one of the first purchases I made once I had a proper job!


It’s more of an almond meal cake than a tart to be honest. I also had to double the recipie quantities to fill a standard baking sheet with the 2cm thickness the recipe calls for.

When the fruit was cooking it made my apartment smell absolutely divine! It was just a shame that it was a sweltering 36 degrees and having the oven and hob on was like a mild form of torture… Commitment to the baking cause right there!

I was slightly unsure of the topping, which combined whipped mars alone and Greek yoghurt, as the texture seemed slightly off and not as smooth and creamy as I would have liked. It is healthier than using cream though I guess!

The final product looked lovely and summery and tastes wonderful! A friend came round to enjoy afternoon cake, but the rest has been portioned out and out in the freezer to enjoy on another occasion. 

 Overall a success and I would definitely whip another one of these up again. There are infinite topping options really, as it would work well with any fruit and you can easily make it winter or summer appropriate dependent on what’s in season. I also reckon this would be nice warm with a nice vanilla custard in colder climates…

So now I’m off to tick off another item of my list whilst seeing out January… I’m headed to the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival… Until next time…

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