#9 Go Vegetarian For a Month

So this post is over half a year overdue – whoops! I’m also trying to keep it short and sweet, unlike all my other posts!

Towards the end of 2014 I was beginning to feel tired, heavy and generally a bit blah. I was also feeling a bit off meat, not being a huge red meat anyway and decided that January would be the month of no meat.

A lot of people asked me what the point was in trying to be vegetarian just for one month. But does there need to be a point really?

I started 2015 camping at a music festival down by Byron Bay. I did wonder if that would make it difficult; however, the number of amazing vegetarian food options at the food trucks made it a breeze.

I had a celebratory “last meaty meal” from an amazing  food truck from JR’s Smokehouse. I first discovered these guys back at the Splendour in the Grass festival in July 2014. I think this was actually the first meal me and Mark shared and we were rather overwhelmed by the brilliance of the share platter.. So many meats! In fact it became almost folkloric in the 6 month period between Splendour and The Falls


When I spotted them whilst looking for the last supper I couldn’t go past… Luckily my friends husband was on hand to share, as I’m not enough of a piggy to manage $30 of meat myself!


I love vegetarian food as it’s so full of flavour. I also think that vegetarian and vegan cooking can be more creative than standard cooking.

I had a great time eating lots of delicious tasty meals at the weekends. Food stalls at markets, especially Indian stalls do the most amazing veggie food. I had a wonderful veggie dhal at St Jerome’s Laneway festival, I might have actually swooned a bit…

However! Living on a mine works camp is not the place to be veggo for sure! It really was a trial. Some nights there was no vegetarian option at all and I just ate soggy side veggies, which was very uninspiring. I had one terrible experience where they served vegetarian lasagne, which turned out to be vegetable peelings – not evening slice, but peeled including the skins, with a about 2mm of white sauce and cheese on the top. It was the low point of the month for sure.

I also had a slip up… A friend cooked me breakfast before I’d had the chance to clue them in and they cooked a great Spanish omelette with bacon. Whilst I managed to not eat too much of it, it was pretty unavoidable and I didn’t want to be rude, especially seen as I was; t doing this on moral grounds.

I felt great at the end of the month though, fresh, light and clear-headed. This was not enough to stop me from running at sprint pace back to meat though, although I definitely feel better having reset to only smaller amount of it.

I have always loved eating lots of fish and seafood – despite feeling morally conflicted about it. I have found eating beef a real struggle ever since though and find the smell extremely off-putting. I rarely ate beef until adulthood anyway so it’s not something I crave or miss. Pork isn’t something I cook that well I don’t think – I love a bit of pork belly though. My Dad actually rocks the pork roast really hard. Frankly I think we all know that Bacon wins every time… it’s the top trumps of meats…

My first meal back to the meat was at the Moranbah Workers Club, where I had BBQ ribs – perhaps not the most sensible choice to ease myself back into it… I felt ill for about 4 days afterwards, but that was expected.


Overall it was a great “reset” and I know that I always feel better in myself when I eat less meat, especially red meat.

I know I would have enjoyed it more if it had been a full month of cooking for myself at home, but a girls gotta work I guess…

Also I am WELL aware of the fact that in my post about vegetarianism all the picture are of meat… 🙂

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