#30 High Tea & A Change of Plans…

A change of plans

#30 on my list was originally left blank so that I could add something new part way through the year. I decided that I would go to high tea as this is something I haven’t done in a really long time and is always a really nice afternoon.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to complete items #23 and #24 on my list –

23 – Walk the Larapinta Trail, a hike in central Australia through beautiful scenery

24 -Watch the sunrise/sunset over Uluru  So… This has left me with 2 more slots to fill, which I have decided to change to –

This is related to a combination of annual leave allowance and the big one… money. Heading into the red centre is really quite expensive and I just can’t work this into my work schedule, as I would really need to take 2 weeks off to fit in the Larapinta Train, or even a decent chunk of it. I think this will stay on the bucket list though for sure!

23 – Complete a 10 day meditation & yoga challenge – do at least 30 minutes of yoga and meditation for 10 consecutive days

24 – Learn to make cheese – because I have way too much love for all the cheeses…

 High tea @ Customs House

Eight of us headed to Customs House for a spot of mid afternoon tea and petit fours.

Customs House is beautiful. It’s one of the few historical buildings left on the Brisbane riverfront and has great views looking over to the Kangaroo Point cliffs and the Story Bridge.

On the way there it kept threatening to pour with rain, much to my dismay as I realised that my umbrella had broken.

However, we got away with some light drizzle, although it was a bit breezy.

We sat out on the terrace enjoying the views and drinking a LOT of tea.


Initially we all thought they hadn’t brought enough food out – two cake stands. However, we didn’t manage to finish it we all left feeling absolutely stuffed!

On the bottom tier we had finger sandwiches with various fillings. My favourite was the smoked salmon – as usual. I’m a total sucker for anything with smoked salmon in it.

The middle tier had cute little fluffy scones with ream and strawberry jam.

The top-tier was laden with petit fours and tiny macaroons. Oh my goodness, they were so pretty it felt like a crime to eat them! Every cake was different and we shared them around so we each got to try quite a few.cake stand

My favourite to look at was the cutest pink mousse wrapped in vanilla sponge.

The tastiest was a passion fruit cheesecake… hmmmmmm salivating again. petitfourWriting this post is sending me into a full on food fantasy!

I would definitely recommend heading to Customs House if you get the chance.

High tea worked really well for us now that some people have children and others are pregnant, which makes evening outings a bit more difficult. It was really nice to be able to get everyone together and gave a good gossip. At $45 it wasn’t a cheap date but it was definitely worth it!


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