#12 Get up early every day for a whole month i.e. by 7am

Again this is a heavily overdue post!

I actually completed this challenge way back in February, but as life became far too hectic to maintain the blog for a few months writing this up fell to the bottom of the to-do list.

The choice to do this in February was actually a bit strategic… As the shortest month of the year!

I am terrible in the mornings, I am definitely not an early morning person. That being said I am at my most productive and highest functioning brain activity first thing in the morning.

I also feel a bit gross spending hours extra just lounging around in bed too and weekends are extremely precious nowadays so I feel like I have to maximise every minute I have!

Many of you will be aware that I travel away from home for work – I am a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) worker. I fly approximately 2 hours north of Brisbane to a small town called Moranbah then drive about 30 minutes north to my work site.

I fly out on Monday mornings and back on Friday evenings, so I have every weekend at home. It’s nice to have all my weekends free, but it is fairly draining.

The bonus for this challenge is that my work start time is 6:30, so I’m usually up at 5am, in fact 4am on Mondays to get to the airport on time.

I even have this funky sleeping mask for on the plane… always it doesn’t always work.


Queensland is at its best first thing in the morning, before the heat and humidity winds up for the day.

Driving to work and watching the bright orange sunrises over the bush is really pretty.

So I had 4 working weeks and 4 weekends… should have been pretty easy really….

And it was!!

I was slightly dubious that I would even succeed on Day 1, as I had been to a music festival the day before and gotten to bed fairly late!

However, because of the work routine I now just wake up automatically and was wide awake by 7am and raring to go… I was also super excited as it was the SO’s 30th birthday!

The days at work don’t count so much as I was up easily anyway and they flew by.

I found myself awake by 6:30 every weekend I had free anyway… except for the final day of the challenge – the 28th.

I had had a long and tiring week and just wanted to sleep in. I had felt that as the month wore on I did need a bit of extra sleep… just 1 lie-in! But no I managed it and woke up at 6:55… Done!

The next day i.e. March 1st I also woke up at 7…. And now I almost always do…

That’s being said I really appreciate it when I do get to sleep in now, it always feel like a real treat!

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