September Inspirations

I’m only just managing to sneak this one in here on the final day of the month!

To say that September has been a crazy month is a serous understatement and I actually have 3 overdue blog posts, I’m hoping with the long weekend I’ll get the chance to catch up, so keep an eye out!

Quote of the month

I generally like to think I am a positive person, certainly not overly annoyingly so though.

I do work hard to see the positives in everything and honestly believe that it take work to change your mental outlook, it’s not entirely down to natural disposition.

That being said I do have my negative days, I am a person that torments myself with “What Ifs…?” and “Oh buts…”

Sometimes it feels like the negativity is taking over, but generally I’m able to take a deep breath, find some context and carry on.

The last month has been really difficult for me, I’ve been an emotional wreck. A combination of loss, high stress and fatigue and lack of exercise have results in an entirely not-hot mess. However, things are on the up and I’m generally back to my positive self – watch out world!

Therefore, I chose this quote for this month, after I saw someone share the image on Facebook at the start of September. I think it’s pretty perfect as sometimes it feels like you’re chasing off demons, or like someone threatening is literally standing over you. Standing up for yourself, sometimes even to yourself is always worth it.


Recipe of the month

September has not been a good month for cooking!

I have been the ultimate takeaway queen in fact!

Last weekend we moved into our lovely new apartment and on a rainy Sunday afternoon I cooked our first meal at home. As the house is still in chaos and only half the kitchen was unpacked kept it simple and made a puff pastry tart with spinach, tomato and buffalo mozzarella, served with a baby leaf salad with a lemon greek dressing.


This month I am thankful for….

The lovely Ruth, who leaves us for new adventures back home in the UK.

We will all miss you terribly but are super excited for you and your new family!


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