#18 Eat 3 Green things a day for a month, specifically 3 different green things not 3 items of the same green thing…

One of the slightly odder challenges that a friend (thank you Esther) put forward was to eat 3 different coloured food items each day for 1 month.

So I decided September was the month to go for it!

I was slightly anxious about how I would manage this whilst living out at a mining camp; but it was pretty fun in the end. It actually didn’t require much in the way of thought or preparation.

I originally wanted to try and push the limits and make it to 90 different foods -which is pretty hard, see if you can even come up with 90 – I challenge you! Between my work team we came up with quite an impressive list, which I failed at completing. However, this would have required lots of visits of specialist foreign markets and that’s just not very compatible with crazy short weekends full of trying to move house and do other fun things from my list.

I did have quite a lot of fun with this one and reckon my colleagues did too – especially watching me try the Gourd!

Below are some pictures of some of my green food things…

Over 30 days I ate a combination of any of the following, managing up to 11 green food things in any given day!:

  1. Lettuce, in a mixed salad with…
  2. Peas, and
  3. Green pepper (or capsicum as people over insist on calling it), plus
  4. Cucumber, followed by…
  5. MelonIMG_2927
  6. Other mixed green leaf vegetables – estimate I had about 7 varieties including rocket and fresh spinach in my lunch salad throughout the monthIMG_2784
  7. Kiwi fruitIMG_2782
  8. Gourd or Bitter Melon
  9. Spinach, Kale and Ricotta SoupIMG_2792
  10. Mint Aero chocolateIMG_2793
  11. Green Beans
  12. Spinach pastaIMG_2796
  13. PestoIMG_2797
  14. Cake with green coloured frosting/green coconutIMG_2799
  15. Green lollies e.g. jelly babiesFullSizeRender2
  16. Custard AppleIMG_2801
  17. AvocadoIMG_2879
  18. Guacamole
  19. Green smoothie with Spirulina and KiwiIMG_2802
  20. Celery, combined with…
  21. Lebanese Cucumber, in a salad and served with…
  22. Spinach QuicheIMG_2808
  23. Bok Choy, in a stir-fry with…
  24. Pak ChoyIMG_2815
  25. Green chili peppers
  26. Olives, stuffed olives, so many olives…IMG_2824
  27. PearsIMG_2825
  28. Alfalfa Sprouts/bean sproutsIMG_2831
  29. Lime Cordial
  30. Broccoli – SO much broccoli
  31. Pistachio NutsIMG_2830
  32. Green AppleIMG_2783
  33. Cabbage
  34. Green tea
  35. Spinach Curry
  36. Kiwi pavlova (yes this definitely counts…)
  37. Coriander
  38. Key Lime Pie (thank you Esther it s super tasty)
  39. Kale
  40. Salsa Verde
  41. Zucchini/courgette lasagna
  42. Green jelly and cake with green sprinklesIMG_2904
  43. Mojito with fresh mint and lime
  44. MidoriIMG_2876
  45. Asparagus, and
  46. Broccolini, mixed with…
  47. Snow peas, served with wilted greens and a whole bunch of tasty seafood… (one of my top meals of the month)IMG_2877
  48. Green GatoradeIMG_2878
  49. Tabbouleh
  50. Stuffed vine leaves
  51. Thai green curry with green beans and peas
  52. Capers
  53. Leaks
  54. Green lentils
  55. Brussels Sprout (yes I did really eat one)

And as if eating green food wasn’t enough I found these frankly AMAZING broccoli toys at IKEA!



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