November Inspirations

So this is my last Inspirations post –

141These posts have had my highest reader following out of any of them, I reckon because people like to see the tasty treats each month more than anything.

I have enjoyed doing these posts quite a lot, even though the write-up of some of them had to be combined as it takes a fair bit of effort. Doing this challenge has certainly got me back into cooking after a bit of a hiatus and made it fun again.

Quote of the month

151The above quote really summarises how I am trying to refocus how I am affected by things. I am a person that will stew over things for long periods of time and I sometimes feel high levels of anxiety over things that happened years ago. I’m getting better at letting things go and trying to put things into wider context. It’s generally helping me manage my anxiety levels; however, I do still get the odd day where I melt down. As always, a work in progress.

ImageThis last year has been great fun and although I haven’t ticked everything off yet I am not going to let the time constraint bother me, or see this as a measure of the degree of success or failure of the year.

In the last 12 months I have done so much, especially when you put it into the context that I am only actually at home for 2 days of each week! So this year I aim to remain fabulous… or just as fabulous rather I should say and embrace all the adventures to come…

Recipe of the month

This months effort was pretty much a disaster, which was a real shame to end on.

I am a big fan of banoffee pie, but hard;y ever have it. We had an excess of banana in the house, so I decided to make one.

My first issue was that I couldn’t get digestive biscuits for the base, which I used milk Arrowroot biscuits for instead. These turned out to be too crumbly and wouldn’t form a crust that wouldn’t hold its shape, although it was looking good to start with.

059I lined the crust with a layer of caramel, which I couldn’t get to fully caramelize and therefore, had an odd texture that I found off-putting.

062Sliced banana covers the caramel, which is then covered with whipped cream and grated chocolate. I was bitterly disappointed that my last recipe of the year turned out so badly, but I was assured that it actually became very tasty after being left in the fridge for a day. I wasn’t there to confirm this opinion though, but m going to choose to believe it.

063This month I am thankful for…

All of you! Thank you to all of my friends and family that have supported me through this year and this adventure.

Thank you to everyone that made suggestions and to those that helped me reach my goals.

I couldn’t have done it without you all. In a year when I’ve barely been around and faced down high levels of stress and fatigue it’s been great to share all of these great memories with you and reclaim my weekends.

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