About Me

So writing about myself always feels rather awkward…

Although I’m obviously comfortable enough writing about my life to keep a blog – go figure!

So without trying to seem like a dating website summary here are my stats..

30 something (just) from England now residing in sunny Brisbane. Although I work FIFO so currently call northern Queensland home 5 days a week.

Living so far away from home blogging began as a way to record travel memories and has grown into a great way to keep in touch with those both near and far away.

I love to travel, cook (let’s face it I mean eat) and get out and about adventuring – generally making sure I’m living life to the full.

I’m game for trying most new things, especially if it’s a beauty product and I’m obviously a complete narcissist as I am assuming that people will read this!

And to top it all off have a pic… not improved by Instagramming in any way!

IMG_1815And on a final note you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too, if you look hard enough…



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